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I received (elsewhere) a reply to a post in which I provided a Pat Condell video and transcript which had nothing to do with the “Palestinian Problem”.  I received the following reply (edited for grammar):

I also was subscribed to Pat Condell’s YouTube channel but just was shocked and couldn’t agree with  his views on Israel.  I really don’t see how anyone who often goes on about human rights can talk as if Israel can do no wrong – AND he gets the real news on the matter in the U.K; not the suppressed U.S Israel lobby news the Americans get.

The following is my response:

Hi Justin,

My website is

As for Israel . . . I hope you’re up on the history of that region. There was NO country there when Israel was created . . . and “created” is the appropriate word.  The United Nations granted the  territory to Israel after WWII.  Israel took control after a short war.

This is not to say that the Israeli/Palestinian problem is not important.  What it means is that Israel is legitimate in its own right: both by international agreement AND by military conquest.  It’s hypocritical to condemn Israel’s possession by Jews, through war, when Muslims previously occupied the same land, through war.

Possession is now a moot point.  The question is: How does Israel address the needs of the Palestinian people?  First of all, the Palestinian people need to cease hostilities against Israel.  As an autonomous state, Israel has the RIGHT to protect its own security.  Peace, obviously, can’t begin until hostilities cease.  Missiles and suicide bombers must become an artifact of history before Israel can loosen its controls on the Palestinians.

The Palestinians will argue the opposite: that they can’t cease hostilities until Israel ceases its crack-down.  I obviously side with Israel on this chicken-and-egg conflict.  A large part of my position is the fact that Palestinians are predominantly Muslims who teach hatred of Jews and Israel to their children . . . who then grow up to be adults who continue the cycle.  Israel is a tiny democracy surrounded by despots and terrorists.  Until their neighbors learn to govern their own citizens democratically, I can’t, with clear conscience, support them over Israel.

If Egypt and Jordan can negotiate meaningful peace with Israel, then so can Palestinians — IF they have the will.

I can’t speak for him, of course, but I think Pat Condell would make a somewhat similar argument.

I know such a position is sacrilegious among a large portion of the uber-liberal atheist community but I believe it is right.  I understand that liberals want to be inclusive.  And that’s normally a good thing.  But inclusion should not be a goal for its own sake.  All considerations need to be addressed when dealing with complex issues.  Personally, I believe that non-democratic, Islamic, states have major issues where peaceful co-existence with non-Muslims (especially Jews) is concerned and that it’s pointless to capitulate to them unless you actually WANT to appear weak.

Israel’s “Land for Peace” initiative is a prime example.  Israel offered the Gaza Strip in return for peace and unilaterally evicted their own settlers and military from the Gaza Strip.  What did the Palestinians (Hamas) do in return?  They immediately resumed rocket attacks, building tunnels, smuggling weapons and kidnapping Israeli soldiers.  They obviously don’t care about peace.  Peace, to them, is for weak pussies.

Israel certainly makes mistakes and is not blameless.  But the same could be said for any other powerful nation.  Given the complicated and difficult realities of the region, they’ve shown remarkable restraint in the face of incessant hostilities.

Pat Condell was right.  What Hamas wants is to wipe Israel off the map.  They’re still terrorists.

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