Confusing Morality with Religion

Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings.” ~Jeff L. Lyons

The 2 biggest news stories of my lifetime? Apollo 11’s historic manned moon mission and the tragic events of 9/11. After 911, then-President George W. Bush was confused when he said that extremists have hijacked Islam. In fact, it’s the other way around: it’s Islam that has hijacked extremists. Bush and many who agree with him insist that terrorists aren’t “true” Muslims; that violence in the name of Allah is counter to the Quran and Islam.

Examine that sentiment closely: compare it to what the Quran actually says. The Quran does have a paltry few verses that indicate violence should be reserved for self-defense but there’s far more in the Quran that defends, demands and rewards violence against the infidel. The Quran weaves Jihad against infidels inextricably into the fabric of Islam. It is more than a tenet of belief, it’s the moral responsibility of all Muslims. The terrorists ARE following the Quran. Islam is a rabid dogma.

So what’s really going on when Bush and other apologists for Islam claim that the terrorists have hijacked Islam? What they’re really saying is that their moral sense of God and religion disallows the use of violence in God’s name – especially indiscriminate killing. Terrorism doesn’t fit into their idea of religion.

So, instead of using religion to decide what is moral, they’re using morality to decide what is religious. To be truthful, they all do this. ALL Jews, Christians and Muslims practice their faith selectively: it’s not even possible to follow their contradicory scripture 100%. More to the point, they cherry-pick what they will and will not obey.

This fact incontrovertibly invalidates the notion that we need God and religion to make us moral. It’s the other way around . . . morality is used to decide what is religious. With this in mind, why do we need religion at all?  Religion, by claiming ownership of morality, only serves to obfuscate the truth. Don’t be seduced by this great lie. As Friedrich Nietzsche noted, ‘Morality is the best of all devices for leading mankind by the nose.’ Even the (ex-)leader of the free world didn’t understand this fundamental fact. Scary, isn’t it?

N O T E :
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