Islam and the Subjugation of Women

I’m really sick of Western apologist propagandists for Islam who’ve never even read the Quran. The notion that “true” Muslims and “true” Islam are peaceful, is completely bogus. If such people would just read the Quran, they’d know that militant extremists conform to the Quran better than so-called “moderate” Muslims.  Their pretense to knowledge is pathetic. In fact, the Quran repeatedly makes it clear – and all Muslims know – that avoiding the battle for Jihad is despicable to Allah. EVERYBODY should read the Quran . . . informed is forewarned.

But many from the opposing point of view are also wrong-headed and attempt to demonize Muslims. They’re just people like everybody else. I know, because I spent 6 months in Kuwait and currently live in thePhilippines, where there are many Muslims in the southern regions. Blame the ideology, not the adherent.

After 9/11, President Bush declared that extremists have hijacked Islam. He got it backwards . . . it’s Islam that has hijacked extremists. The root problem is not the adherents, it’s the religious/legal/political ideology of Islam. The sacred texts (Quran and ahadith) of Islam give license to violent Jihad. ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION OF PEACE. Period. Read the Quran and see for yourself.  You’ll find the Quran pays lip service to peace but it’s true message is one of submission and dominance.

Any self-respecting Muslim must concede that extremists and militants actually answer the call of Jihad and thus honor the perfect and immutable word of Allah. If only people understood the Muslim mindset . . . then we would all be better informed about how to deal with the problem of Muslim expansion, terrorism and subjugation of women. The Quran and hadith set up cultures with different values than the West has. Delaying tactics; reneging on agreements; laying low until the right opportunity arises; intimidation; turning tolerance on its head . . . these are all time-honored tactics practiced by Islams greatest leaders since Muhammad. Remember Ayatollah Khomeini?

The religious/legal/political ideology of Islam needs to be reformed before change (much less, peace) can come. The first thing that needs to change is the subjugation of women. We all know how women are minimized in Islam. It’s an indisputable fact. By Shariah law, their word is literally worth only a half that of men. Rape is almost unpunishable and, in fact, often leads to the victim being punished for promiscuity. If Muslim women could be liberated, then Muslim men would have healthier relationships with women. This central, core, component of Muslim societies is probably the most responsible for poisoning peace. Violence follows Islam wherever it spreads because sexually frustrated and immature Muslim men abound in abundance. Muslim men aren’t expected to control their urges: it’s the women who bear the responsibility for “provoking” men’s passions. There will never be a shortage of Jihadi warriors as long as Muslims keep their women in abject subjugation. There can be no peace until Muslim women claim their human rights.

© Copyright 2011

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