Testimony: Bloody Sunday Massacre of Copts in Cairo

On Sunday, October 9th, 2011, the fruits of Egypt’s Arab Spring proved rotten. The Egyptian army killed more than 30 Copts (Egyptian Christians) and wounded many more in Cairo during an otherwise peaceful demonstration. In the few short months after Egypt’s Arab Spring, Copts, secularists and other non-Sunni Muslims were outmaneuvered by the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi allies. The military council, sympathetic to Islamist causes and the Muslim Brotherhood, pushed through a constitution preamble ignoring the rights of Copts and hastily set up fast elections ensuring Islamist political control. The Muslim Brotherhood garnered the majority of votes.

The Egyptian army did not act alone in the massacre. Salafi Jihadists, funded by the Muslim Brotherhood, also attacked Copts with knives and guns. As testimony in this video will confirm, the violence was both religiously and politically motivated. Welcome to the aftermath of Egypt’s Arab Spring.

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