Guess What? Muslims are Offended by Pat Condell!

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The following comes from the Sunni Forum website and was posted by somebody named Maripat. Whoever this guy is, his stellar powers of reason deserves exposure beyond the limited audience of the Sunni Forum. Rationality like his should not be confined to preaching to the choir (chanters?). His impeccable logic should be exposed to us freethinkers so that we might all benefit from his expositional prowess.

Without further ado, I am pleased to present to you the one and only Maripat and his impressive evisceration of Pat Condell’s video, “I’m Offended by Islam“: wryly titled, “I’m Offended by Pat Condell”.

I’m offended by Pat Condell

He had posted a short video entitled I’m offended by Islam.

Here is the transcript of the video.

. . . [Transcript was here but removed for the sake of brevity because Maripat cites the relevant passages (indented text), below, as he critiques them. If you prefer, you can read the transcript by clicking the link, above.] . . .

And here is our response.

This is for the person who told me recently that Muslims have every right to be offended by Western culture. Of course they do. All I’m saying to offended Muslims is: do us all a favor and keep it to yourself, because nobody likes a crybaby.

The offensive thing here is the portrayal of Muslims community as an irrelevant distraction.
Get connected with reality. Your own superior white race is turning to Islam so get used to both Islam and Muslims. Whether you like it or not.

And Muslims are not inconsequential too. The very fact that so many of your videos talk about Muslims is an indication that you can not ignore them for long. In fact you are obsessed with Islam and Muslims in a negative way. And sort of helpless too. What about converting to Islam? On our behalf we do not care in the least how God will treat you in the hereafter. You are offending us by denying God and and you are offending us by your nasty verbiage against us. There is no humour in your prose, only hatred. That your fellow countrymen can not perceive that is solely due to centuries old Islamophobia that has conditioned them to the portrait of Islam as something negative.

But now I’m thinking that perhaps I’m wrong about this and that maybe we should all be a lot more offended, as often as possible, to fully embrace this new culture of knee-jerk offense and give it every chance to work. After all, we in the West have many more reasons to be offended by the “Religion of Peace” than it has to be offended by us. I’m offended by the very term, “Religion of Peace”, which I regard as a far greater lie than any of the superstitious nonsense about flying horses or angels in caves and I think it should be prosecutable under the Trade Descriptions Act.

Islam is not a trade, it is a religion. An atheist can not judge any religion and Islam is beyond his capacity. And this lack of capacity does not give you or any other atheist a license to offend Muslims by spreading biased presentation of Islam as a religion. Last century was the most violent of human history and west was responsible for it, in atheistic form or religious form or liberal form. Not Islam. Islam is indeed religion of peace while western thought in recent times gave us world wars, holocaust, civil wars and numerous wars. West killed so many people in a century as were not killed unnaturally in the history of human race. And you have the cheek to make fun of Islam. That is quite offensive.

Also, I find the Islamic attitude to women, gays, Jews and apostates to be really quite deeply and profoundly offensive. And I would like to emphasize just how offensive I find it, if I may. I find it mind-blowingly, soul-witheringly, and unforgivably offensive. Where do I apply for my compensation?

The Noble Qur’an explicitly says that man and woman are equal.

Homosexuality is not allowed in Islam. Nor is apostasy.

Jews are not denied their rights in Islam. Your portrayal of Islam is quite offensive.

It is mind-blowing that you think that we shall gulp your nonsense down.
It is soul-withering that you have been constantly spewing venom against Islam and Muslims for years.
It unforgivable that you are doing that openly.

Lord Most High willing we shall extract our compensation. Slowly and surely.

Now, I want to make it clear that I’m only offended by Islam because I’m offended by cruelty, intolerance and oppression. If Islam wasn’t cruel, intolerant and oppressive, well then I wouldn’t be as offended as I am. Obviously, I would still be somewhat offended because Islam would still be pushy, confrontational, demanding and threatening. If it wasn’t pushy, confrontational, demanding and threatening, I wouldn’t be as offended as I am. Obviously, I would still be somewhat offended by the ridiculous hair-trigger sensitivity to criticism and, of course, the cynical manipulation of language; who could forget that? So yes, I’m offended by Islam in so many ways you really don’t want to know.

Is it not a deception to smudge the image of Islam with unfounded epithets in the name of humour?
Have the British gone that dumb really? Permission is hereby withdrawn from you to define cruelty, intolerance and oppression from (your) one side. You are offended that your colonial onslaught did not decimate Islam and Muslims are looking you in the eyes now. Read your own history to know about cruelty, intolerance and oppression.

Islam is not pushy. Islamic tenet is that there is no compulsion in religion. That is the beginning. After that Islamic justice is spotless, if not seen with tainted western spectacles.

But if you try to push Islam or Muslims then it indeed is confrontational. It is deeply offensive to expect Muslims to take the pushes and shoves.

And there is no hair-trigger sensitivity either amongst Muslims. In your enmity with Islam you have designed your western ideology as completely anti-Islamic, Islamophobic. And that is very offensive.

And we do not have any need for being manipulative, trust in God is our reliance and it is offensively manipulative to accuse us of under hand tactics.

And that you are offended by Islam is merely a side effect of your centuries old Islamophobia failing right in front of your eyes.

Oh you do!?! Oh, okay. Well, where to begin?

Well, I’m offended by a religion that regards the female half of humanity as innately inferior and deficient. And I’m offended that we all pretend that isn’t the case when we all know it bloody well is and it will remain the case until we do something about it, because nobody else is going to.

Islam explicitly tells that man and woman are equal and you do not.
There is empirical evidence of inferior status of woman in west and most obvious one is the dwindling fertility rate in that geographical region.

A for sure you would do all you can to harm Islam and Muslims but unfortunately for you this time they are not sleeping.

I’m offended that I live in a society where a little girl can be forced to walk around everywhere concealed inside a black sack. Is that religious freedom or is that child abuse? And at what precise point does one become the other . . . without the Catholic Church being involved?

We are giving her the protection that you can not.
Child abuse stories from your society are unbearable to even listen to.
Use some of your so called intellectual freedom to free yourself from stereotyping of Muslims, your own reality is nauseatingly horrific.
It is deeply offensive to listen to a pot calling kettle black.

I’m offended by the dozens of Sharia courts in Britain that are allowed to treat women, by law, as less than fully human.

The status we give to woman is not possible even in a dream for you.
We have been practicing Shariah for 1400 hundred years and still flowing.
You on the other hand are a threatened race because you put woman into an impossible situation where she has to manage both house and the outside.

And by the thousands of genital mutilations – not one of which has ever been punished, despite carrying a theoretical 14-year prison sentence – and I’m offended and embarrassed, in equal measure, by the deafening silence on these matters from progressive Western feminists who think we shouldn’t impose our values on Muslim women because that’s the job of Muslim men.

Female genital mutilation is not part of Islam as far as my cultural knowledge is concerned. It is offensive to get slapped with accusation of some tribal practice from some where.

And if you are offended by your feminists then do not offend us by your whining.

I’m offended that anyone who burns a Quran, in Britain, will go to prison. But if they burn a bible, they won’t.

It is offensive to listen to complains about Christians not respecting their Bible as Muslims respect their Qur’an.

I’m offended when Saudi-funded Islamic schools are found to be using books that teach violence and hatred and are not shut down and everyone connected with them run out of the country on a rail.

It is offensive to denigrate teaching of Islam in schools and making xenophobic remarks about Muslims.

I’m offended that we allow extra unnecessary cruelty in slaughterhouses to accommodate Islamic superstition. And then we allow that meat to be sold, unlabeled, and fed to children in schools without their parents’ knowledge or consent: because we’ve learned, the hard way, that if we don’t do things the Islamic way, there’ll be trouble. I’m offended by that.

Islamic slaughtering is not more cruel than atheistic one.
And it is offensive to hear your frustrations against your own government.
May be we should stop supplying you halal meat.

I’m offended that publishers won’t touch certain books or that the media won’t reproduce certain images because they’re afraid of Muslim violence. And I’m doubly offended by our society’s cowardly tacit acceptance of this.

It is offensive that you want to offend us by such things.
Is that too difficult to understand?
Is dumbing down of the United Kingdom complete?

I’m, personally, deeply offended by anyone who thinks I’m stupid enough to think I should give a damn about their carefully manufactured feelings …

It is shockingly offensive to hear such insensitive words.

… – especially when it comes to the cultural terrorists’ favorite word: Islamophobia . . . which is Islamic shorthand for free speech, secular democracy and common sense.

Your denial of a cruel reality is personally as well as publicly offensive.

I’m offended that anyone who speaks up for these things is likely to be deemed an Islamophobe and, by extension, a racist. Because Islam is a race, apparently. A race of quite diverse ethnicity, it has to be said. But if you point this out, you’ll be called an Islamophobe and a racist. Yet we know that racism is driven by fear and insecurity which manifest themselves in things like: intolerance, supremacism and separatism. Precisely the qualities we’ve come to associate with the religion of permanent offense. The one that likes to label everybody else mentally ill.

Tolerance of a white man for racial diversity is only skin deep. You scratch the surface and he starts oozing venom. It is profoundly offensive.

If Islam is a race – and either it is or it isn’t . . . let’s make up our minds, shall we? – then Islamic supremacism is racism and Islam is the most racist ideology on the planet. On the other hand, if it’s not a race, then criticizing it is not racist.

The racism boiling under your surface is itching to burst out. You are pathetic and you are offensive.
Busted neo-colonialism has frustrated you and the result is not very pleasing to see. It is offensive.

So what’s it gonna be people? Racist or not racist? Answers on a postcard to the racists at the East London mosque: an institution which you won’t be surprised to hear offends me.

There is no humour here or anywhere else. It is pure hatred. Islamophobia.
It is offensive.

Indeed, whenever I hear, as I often do, about a visiting preacher at that place, calling for death to gays – and not being immediately arrested and deported with a firecracker up his ass – I’m offended to the point of virtual apoplexy.

The offensive thing hear is unbridled xenophobia.

And I’m incandescently offended that Islam doesn’t like free speech unless you’re preaching death to gays and apostates.

It offends our sensibilities that even after years of our screaming you have not realized that every freedom comes with corresponding responsibility.
It is offensive to see that you are not trying to come out of your ignorance about freedom versus responsibility.

And then you can have as much of it as you like, in the sure knowledge that no Muslim, extremist or moderate, will call you what you are: a savage and a nutcase. But if you speak up for freedom, pluralism, equality, diversity and genuine human rights, you’re guaranteed to be slandered as a racist and an Islamophobe and you are also guaranteed to be threatened with physical violence.

If some one is threatening some one else then it is very offensive to put the blame on their religion.

I’m offended by that. And if you’re not offended by it or if you’re pretending not to be offended because you don’t want to cause offense, then you’ve got something seriously wrong with you. No offense.

Every single one of your videos that talk about Islam or Muslims is offensive. Very offensive.

What can I say folks? This Maripat guy is just too much! We’re going to have to figure out some way to combat his gifted way with words.

Is it even possible? Should we just give up? Maybe Islam really is the one true religion. I’m thinking of converting. Maybe you should too.

2 thoughts on “Guess What? Muslims are Offended by Pat Condell!”

  1. Wow. This guy’s response to Condell is pathetic. It’s completely lacks substance. It basically boils down to “I know you are but what am I?!!” He doesn’t address even one point coherently.


    1. But he sounds so sure of himself. Surely that kind of confidence must have substance. And who says the truth must be coherent? If the truth is incoherent, it’s still the truth, isn’t it?

      Hey! I’m really starting to like this Muslim form of logic. I AM INVINCIBLE!


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