Is there anybody who is an actual hard atheist—one who says that they are certain, beyond any doubt, that no God of any description exists?

? Which God? All but one.

Answer by Jim Ashby:

I am "certain, beyond any doubt" that no REVEALED God exists. And when it comes to revealed gods, I'm talking about the (allegedly) monotheistic God of Abraham: the God claimed by Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

The Abrahamic religions are ancient religions that grew out of an era of abject ignorance. The founders of these religions thought the world was flat and that we see by projecting light from our eyes. Judaism and Christianity even retain elements of the primitive blood sacrifice rituals of prior death cults. Islam substitutes blood sacrifice with blood lust (against infidels).

The God of Abraham is the kind of primitive caricature of a supreme being that only abjectly ignorant people could produce. Their noblest vision of God was as an important ally in war and never gave slavery or the subjugation of women a second thought. It is transparently true that the God of Abraham was made in man's image.

The reason we can be "certain, beyond any doubt" that no revealed God exists is because revealed Gods divinely inspired scripture to show us the nature of God and to spell out his moral requirements of us — especially where our sex lives are concerned. Scripture gives us information. And that information precludes the possibility — beyond any doubt — that revealed Gods ever existed.

The gods of other religions? They're obviously superstitions: I can't take them seriously. The only God I can't absolutely rule out is the cosmic, absentee, impersonal, God of deism and pantheism. My reason for reserving a sliver of possibility for a deistic God is the question of the origin of existence.

There are three basic explanations for the origin of existence . . .

  1. The universe has always existed, without beginning.
  2. The universe spontaneously came into existence, out of nothing.
  3. The universe was created by God ("God did it").

NONE of these are satisfying answers. NONE of them has ever been proven. ALL of them have major logical problems. In the company of the first two, the third one is right at home (Occam's Razor notwithstanding).

The current consensus among cosmologists favors the second explanation. They even back it up with some pretty convincing evidence. But it's not a foregone conclusion just yet. If it ever were proven true, that would be the death knell of the deistic God (of ALL gods, actually, creators or not) — at least, as far as I'm concerned.

Is there anybody who is an actual hard atheist—one who says that they are certain, beyond any doubt, that no God of any description exists?


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