What is the difference between radical Muslim/Islam and the non-radical, peaceful followers of this religion?

Answer by Jim Ashby:

Gallup polled over 50,000 Muslims across 10 countries and found that, if one defines radicals as those who deemed the 9/11 attacks "completely justified," their number constitutes about 7 percent of the total population. But if one includes Muslims who considered the attacks "largely justified," their ranks jump to 13.5 percent. Adding those who deemed the attacks "somewhat justified" boosts the number of radicals to 36.6 percent. Which figure should one adopt?
In a 2013 Pew Research Center poll, 14% of Muslims around the world said that violence against civilians is sometimes or often necessary. However, that percentage goes up to 25% when only Islamic countries are tallied.
Depending on who you ask, there are between 1.2 and 1.9 billion Muslims in the world today. A large majority of them are peaceful people. Various opinion polls indicate radical Muslims number between 7 to 25 % of the ummah of Islam. That leaves a large majority of 75 to 93% of Muslims who are peaceful people. If we take the conservative estimate of 1.2 billion Muslims in the world, 7 to 25% of them equals 84 to 300 million people who support, or are dedicated to, jihad: the destruction of Western civilization. That’s equal to the population of Egypt (the 7% estimate) or the United States and its territories (the 25% estimate).
Why should we worry about the many millions of Muslim radicals? Because they are the ones who take the Quran literally. They are the ones easily manipulated, by callous and calculating leaders, to advance jihad: financially or behind the scenes or with violence and war. They are the ones rabble-roused, through social media, to riot and rampage in the streets: destroying the property of infidels and injuring and killing them over some offense (real or perceived). They are the ones who seek out and assassinate those who dare to speak against Islam. They are the ones who form a ready pool of recruits for jihad. They are the ones that wage war on infidels and even on their fellow Muslims. They are the ones who execute terrorist plots that kill many hundreds, or even thousands, of innocent civilians every month.
The non-violent Muslims, despite representing a 75 to 93% majority of Muslims, seem unable or unwilling to unite against the radicals in their midst. Are they intimidated or are they sympathetic to the radicals? Both, perhaps? As Muslims, they probably recognize that the radicals obey the Quran the way Muhammad told them to: literally . . . or, at least, more literally than the moderates do. As long as the majority consign themselves to irrelevance, there’s precious little reason for us infidels to pay them much attention. They may not support jihad but neither do they exercise their majority to end jihad. They are virtually inconsequential.
And don’t scoff at the idea of the majority flexing their muscle. If they truly want to distance themselves from the violence and barbarism of the radicals, all they have to do is unite. All they have to do is identify, arrest and punish those on their own soil who commit violence. They can start fresh by offering a blanket amnesty to violent radicals, then begin their crackdown. If the ummah of Islam were determined to have peace, they could and would end jihad. Until they do, the majority will be no more significant than the majority in China who allow their freedom to be controlled by an elite group of old men.

What is the difference between radical Muslim/Islam and the non-radical, peaceful followers of this religion?

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