What are the most useful, necessary, and defensible axioms we should accept to form the basis of critical thought, and a rational life?


Answer by A Quora admin:

When somebody shows you who they are, believe them – the first time – Maya Angelou
 If they're consistently cruel, that's who they are. If they're consistently giving, or smart, or weak willed, or lazy or flaky, or immature, or whatever, go with it. Knowledge is power, your experience and observations should give you power. The power to have the right people around you, supporting and loving you.

Insanity is doing the same things, and expecting different results – Albert Einstein
 Take responsibility for your life and change what needs to be changed.

Sometimes you find out what you are supposed to be doing by doing things you are not supposed to do – Oprah
Never underestimate the power of learning from your own mistakes. Regret is fine, in it's place. But growing from your miscues is laudable.

Learn to accept – Me
You can cry, nag, pout, scream, silent treatment or try other means of manipulation, There are a lot of things in life that you just have to accept.  This is a shortened version of the Serenity Prayer,

Don't forget to experience life – Me

I had two friends, both kept fish. One had a large outdoor pool, with about 50 goldfish darting through plants and underwater ceramics. The other had a small bowl for her one fish. She had had a larger aquarium, but it broke accidentally, and she had needed to quickly rescue her fish.

The one kept telling the other to bring her fish over to the big tank. It wasn't fair to have that fish in a little bowl. But of course, it took months to happen. Nobody thinks, as they are headed out the door "I'd better take my fish to my friend's house."

Finally, after the better part of a year, the solitary fish made it to the larger outdoor pond. What was cool, was the bowl fish had a distinctive lighter patch across the eyes, a kind of Batman mask! This made it extremely easy to pick this fish out from the others, the main reason it had been chosen in the first place.

When Batfish was put into the pond with the other fish, it swam in a tight circle for over a week! It had been conditioned to the limits of it's environment. It didn't matter that 50 other fish were darting here and there, Batfish maintained it's boundaries. Finally, Batfish realized it was free, and could go everywhere it wanted.

People are the same. We need our routines to keep us sane. Be only living within the routine is stiffling. It's important to get past the invisible walls to experience more.

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What an interesting thread this will be.

What are the most useful, necessary, and defensible axioms we should accept to form the basis of critical thought, and a rational life?

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