What are some of the wisest teachings from the Bible?

Answer by A Quora admin:

As a youth, the verse that struck me with its insight is "Let him among you without sin cast the first stone." It's part of a recurring theme with Jesus: "Judge not, lest ye be judged."

When I was a young teenager, attending Sunday services, I noticed how piously people acted. But I knew many of them and a significant number of them were racial bigots or gossips or presumptuous or mean-spirited or, especially, judgmental. Their Sunday morning personae was nothing like their true personae. I learned the meaning of hypocrisy at church. And what meaning is that? Judgment always incurs hypocrisy. They go together like soup and sandwich.

I've just turned 61 years old. In all my years, the level of judgmentalism among Christians has always surprised me . . . because they are the folk who should be least judgmental — after all, they claim faith in the word of God and it's God-in-the-flesh, Jesus Christ, who has repeatedly instructed them not to judge. By the way, the same goes for Muslims and Allah.

Of course, everybody judges. But a certain segment of the pious seem to lack adequate introspection and are more Old Testament Christians than New Testament Christians: modern-day 'Pharisees' who seem oblivious to their own hypocrisy and focus on rules instead of kindness; judgment instead of love. As I grew older, cognitive dissonance about 'holy hypocrites' was an important factor driving my quest for truth and understanding.

Having said all that, I'd like to acknowledge that I've also known many truly kind and generous Christians: as with any other group, Christians represent the spectrum of adherent types.

And what about me? Hmmm, you had to ask! Well, I'm judgmental too. Unless we're talking about crimes, it's irrationality, not sin, that I mentally critique and criticize.

What are some of the wisest teachings from the Bible?

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