Have you ever been in an extraordinary situation were something happened and you thought, “That’s a movie moment”?

Answer by Jim Ashby:

Thanks for the A2A, Ken!

I have many movie moments in my 60+ plus years of living. I'll put one here and I might put others in the comments to this answer.

Back in 1995 or so, I was working as a very busy network administrator in Pasadena, California. I had to go pick up my fiancée in Chicago and bring her and her possessions back to Pasadena to get married and start our new lives together. I asked for two weeks off but my boss balked at that, saying it was a bad time to take off (and, in honesty, it was). The most I could wrangle from him was two days. I figured that, if I left right after work on Friday, I should be able to pull it off and get back by Wednesday — if I really hurried up.

My car wasn't big enough to carry all her stuff, so I reserved a large-sized passenger van from a rental agency and took it right after work, on Friday, and high-tailed it for Chicago. The van had a big, powerful, engine. It had no problem doing 110 mph for long stretches of time on the wide-open roads of the desert. I figured I was bound to get a ticket but figured I'd just have to risk it.

I was racing through Arizona, when two highway patrol cars pulled me over. An unmarked car also pulled over with us. It seems the unmarked car was driven by an off-duty officer who had notified the highway patrol of my location. The off-duty officer was very agitated but the officer in charge was nice enough. He said he clocked me at 110 mph and that he could take me to jail instead of giving me a ticket. He asked me why I was driving so fast and I explained my situation to him. He seemed sympathetic, which pissed off the off-duty officer. The officer in charge wrote me up for going 75 mph and said he would issue both a BOLO and an APB for me and my vehicle and that, if I was caught speeding while in Arizona, I'd be taken to jail. I didn't know if he was bullshitting or not, I was just glad I could continue on to Chicago.

I tried my best to drive legally but when I saw the border to New Mexico was only 20 miles away AND the highway was divided by a low barrier AND it was a lonely stretch of road with no cops in sight, I gunned the motor and took it up to 120 mph. At that rate, I'd be in New Mexico in just 10 minutes.

Just then, I saw a highway patrol car coming the opposite way. But, since the highway was divided, I just smiled and kept my speed at 120. And wouldn't you know it? Right there was a turn-around gap in the barrier! I looked in the rearview mirror and saw the highway patrol car make a U-turn through it and come after me. I hoped I could make it to the border before the cop caught up with me.

Up ahead, in the right lane, was a semi truck. And in front of the semi truck was a white van that looked just like mine. It was actually a different model but it looked like mine. The driver of the van was wearing a white tee shirt and sunglasses, just like I was! I pulled in between the van and the truck then, hastily pulled off my shirt and took off my sunglasses.

The highway patrol car came up along side me. He looked at me, then he pulled up along side the other van in front of me and looked at him. He slowed down and I came along side him again. He looked at me and I gave him a friendly smile and a raised eyebrow as if to say, 'Why are you looking at me?'

He raced ahead of us and took another U-turn at the next turn-around gap in the barrier. I couldn't believe it! He could have pulled over both our vans or he could have pulled over the semi truck too; just to find out which van was the one he was looking for. But he simply let it go.

When he disappeared in the distance behind me, I gunned the engine again. As I passed the van in front of me, he waved and gave me a big smile and the semi truck driver blasted his horn. I waved at them as I drove off. In just a few minutes, I was safe, in New Mexico.

Have you ever been in an extraordinary situation were something happened and you thought, "That's a movie moment"?

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