What do atheists have against Islam?

My @Quora answer to What do atheists have against Islam?

Answer by Jim Ashby:

The first thing I had against Islam was the Quran. Upon reading it, I could only shake my head in wonder at the mindset it must inculcate among adherents. It's unrelentingly xenophobic, militaristic, totalitarian and supermacist. As I cross-referenced it with ahadith, I saw that they were even worse than the Quran. This led me to look at the history of Islam, which had its strengths and weaknesses. Islam's 1000-year history in India was particularly appalling. Sickening, actually. Then I saw how Islamic tradition proved to be very misogynistic — going well beyond what was warranted by the Quran or even by ahadith. The subjugation of women in Islam is a fait accompli without rival in all of history.

As if all these things weren't bad enough, what really bothers me most is how Islam is binding on non-Muslims. No other religion holds non-adherents accountable to its beliefs like Islam does. You must acknowledge and respect Allah, the Quran and Muhammad: disrespecting them is disrespecting the entire ummah of Islam. It's considered to be (literally) making war on Allah and is all the warrant necessary for violent retaliation. We're all aware of how true this is. Cartoon of Muhammad, anybody?

There is precious little in Islam for freedom-loving Westerners to like. Our liberty and rights are anathema to Islam. Our respective values are simply not compatible, at all. As with any other religion, Islam's adherents are like anybody else. They just want to get through life with as little unnecessary drama as possible. Having lived in Kuwait for 6 months, I find no fault with Muslims. They're actually very nice people. My problem with Islam is not its adherents, it's the ideology as informed by the Quran, sunna (ahadith and Muhammad's example), jihad, sharia, Islamic tradition and history. It is my belief that the ideology flowing from the Quran and ahadith is poison to peace and tolerance (despite the opposite claim of Muslim apologists). For instance, antisemitism is institutionalized by sharia law in the form of dhimma. Jews (and other 'People of the Book') are subjugated and deemed inferior to Muslims. Robert Bernstein, founder of Human Rights Watch, says that antisemitism is "deeply ingrained and institutionalized" in "Arab nations in modern times." That's an understatement.

It's not as if I want to dislike Islam. It's just that the more I learn about it, the less there is to like. I hope everybody reads the Quran and cross-references it with ahadith when questions arise. It will give you a glimpse into the mindset Islam instills.

What do atheists have against Islam?

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