When Muslims die and enter Paradise do they still have to pray to Allah?

Answer by Jim Ashby:

Hmmm . . . interesting question. The only thing I recall that might relate to the question is the matter of the seven heavens. The original Quran has existed since Allah created the universe. He keeps it with him in seventh heaven. When it came time to begin sending revelations to Muhammad, Allah moved the Quran to first heaven — where the archangel Gabriel could access it whenever he needed to parse out revelations to Muhammad.

This mythical arrangement of Quranic revelation, from outermost (first) heaven, via archangel Gabriel, to Muhammad, suggests to me that Allah is not directly accessible, even in paradise; at least, not by archangels. If archangels reside in the outermost heaven, where do humans reside (assuming they don't go to hell)? Is there a pecking order in heaven? Which level is Muhammad in? If, while alive, he was allowed more wives than other men, does he also get more virgins in heaven? Which level of heaven do suicide bombers go to? Do they really go straight to heaven without waiting? Is there a bevy of virgins in all levels of heaven or just one or some? Do archangels also get virgins? Is sex between angels and humans allowed in heaven?

Why stratify heaven unless there's some sort of hierarchy there?  The existence of seven heavens, with Allah in the seventh heaven, suggests to me that he wants to keep worship going, even in heaven.

Maybe, if you ever get to seventh heaven, in the presence of Allah, you won't have to pray any more. But I wouldn't count on it.

When Muslims die and enter Paradise do they still have to pray to Allah?

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