For best effect, you might want to view many of these videos in full screen or enlarged screen (Ctrl-Scrollwheel Up). At the bottom is an image gallery of illusions that you can browse via thumbnails, slicde show or Piclens.



This is an audio illusion . . .

Stare at this image for 30 seconds, then look at something white. If you don’t see a clear afterimage, blink a couple of times.

This one is pretty cool

Here’s another version of the prior illusion — with 3 dragons

You might well guess how this one works

This Audi commercial has visual illusion. Can you spot them?

This isn’t an illusion but it’s pretty fun to watch

V.S. Ramachandran demonstrates and explains an illusion

Impossible Motion: Magnet-like slopes

Fun with interference patterns

Fun with interference patterns II

iPad fun with interference patterns

After-image visual distortions

Optical illusions set

Negative optical illusion

Shades of gray?

Charlie Chaplin mask illusion

A compilation of optical illusions

More optical illusions

Ambiguous image 1

Ambiguous Image 2

Great magnetic tape illusion art

Nice afterimage effect

Floating cube?

Illusion for driver safety commercial

Optical illusion for Stewie aficionados

Castle afterimage illusion

The illusion of peace

High tech time fountain



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