Wafa Sultan

Wafa Sultan's book, 'A God Who Hates'

Wafa Sultan is a world-class heretic and hero of subjugated Muslim women, whether they know it or not.  She turned against Islam after the Muslim Brotherhood, in Syria, entered her classroom at medical school, and murdered her Professor in front of her and the other students in class that day.  She later emigrated to the U.S., where she has been an outspoken and courageous opponent of Islam and the subjugation of women it promotes.  Her niece — who had been forced into a marriage to her cousin when she was 10 and he was 40 — when she was 20 years old, committed suicide by setting herself on fire.  Wafa grew up in a Muslim family in a Muslim country.  She knows, first-hand, what she’s talking about and, despite death threats, she’s tirelessly doing all she can  about the problems of Islam.  And for that, she has my profound respect and admiration.

Like videos from Ayaan Hirsi Ali, these videos are telling you what Islam is really like . . . not from a Westerner, but from an ex-Muslim.





The Video That Started it All: on Al Jazeera TV

At David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend, Palm Beach, Florida 2007

On Terrorism and Islam

On Sharia

On Arab TV

Choose to think

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