Why don’t you believe God exists?

Answer by Jim Ashby:

I don't believe God exists because it seems exceedingly unlikely to me. That does NOT mean I'm sure God doesn't exist: it only means that, in my opinion, I don't think he does. The reason God's existence seems so unlikely is because there is no evidence that suggests it. It's true that there's also no evidence that suggests God does not exist but all the evidence points to natural explanations — not supernatural ones. To me, it's a transparently self-evident fact that there's no objective reason to conjure up God in the first place: regardless of whether or not he exists. You may have any number of subjective reasons for belief in the existence of God but you don't have a single objective reason . . . unless, of course, you can produce one here and now. But that's not going to happen. If there were such a thing, we'd all know about it because theists would be clobbering atheists with it.

But I can tell you (and almost all atheists will agree) that if valid, conclusive, evidence of God should surface, I'd gladly and immediately become an avid believer. For us atheists, it really, truly, is about the evidence.

  • Atheists will believe with evidence.
  • Theists will believe without evidence.

That, perhaps more than any other consideration, is what separates atheists from theists.

Why don't you believe God exists?

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