Resources for freethinkers
Feed your mind is all about catering to the needs and interests of freethinkers.  Under the Resources menu you’ll find useful content and links addressing religious topics.  Submenu items include:

Debunking Handbook
Famous Atheists

The Quotes page has over 1500 personally selected quotes acquired over the span of decades. I’ve been collecting them since 1984. I’m sure you’ll find them to be insightful and humorous. For your benefit, they’ve been grouped by size (short quotes first, then longer ones) and alphabetized within groups. You can press Ctrl-F to search for any author or quote string.

The Apologetics page lists resources for Christian and Islamic apologetics. It’s good to know what the other side is thinking. In fact, the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry ( has “copy and paste” arguments that their faithful followers are supposed to use to “attack” atheists. The AtheistExile Member Forum has a special section dedicated to debunking the many points advanced by

Speaking of debunking . . . The Debunking Handbook is a short (7-page) booklet that takes the latest scientific research into consideration to explain the best techniques for persuading people with entrenched (and usually erroneous) notions. This booklet puts lots of good advice into a brief and easy to understand illustrated format.

The Famous Atheists menu item has many sub-menus that categorize famous atheists by their profession or activity. If you want to browse the whole shebang, just click on the Famous Atheists main menu item to display the full list in one large page.

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