Collected here are videos from all your favorite freethinkers. Just for laughs, I’ve also included Jeff Dunham videos, mostly because of his “Achmed the Dead Terrorist” character and the funny pot shots he takes at religion. Of particular note is the complete and up-to-date collection of Pat Condell videos. As of this writing, I have all 113 of them (many with transcripts available), ordered chronologically and grouped by year. These Pat Condell transcripts represent an ongoing investment of my time and effort, so they require site membership . . . but don’t worry, it’s free — absolutely no strings attached. There’s also a transcript of George Carlin’s classic: “Religion is Bullshit” comedy routine (available without membership).

Pat Condell

Christopher Hitchens

Richard Dawkins

Sam Harris

Carl Sagan

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Wafa Sultan

George Carlin

Jeff Dunham

Richard Feynman


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